Course Name: STAFF WEEK: CLUSTER Universities BIP on how to organise Blended Intensive Programmes (April 2024)

Organising Partner (University): KU Leuven

Language: ENG

Public: All faculty & Staff

Course dates:

4 March 2024 PM (online), 15-19 April 2024 at Leuven

Course duration:

online meeting + 5 days on site

Application deadline: 2024-02-29


  • Introduction to Blended Intensive Programme and general rules
  • Online vs physical vs blended mobility
  • How to administer BIP in an easy way?
  • BIP: sense or nonsense?
  • Introduction to design workshop to develop a BIP

Modality: Hybrid

Facilitator/Teacher: KU Leuven, KTH, UPC

Number of Participants: Max 30

Registration Requirements:

The programme is open to administrative, academic and educational support staff of all CLUSTER partners and institutions that grand Erasmus+ mobility