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Welcome to the Unite! space dedicated to the support of your professional development!

If you landed here, you likely are a (young) researcher or your work involves supporting researchers’ professional development. Whatever the case, we would like to welcome you to our page, where you will be able to navigate through the professional training that the UNITE! Partners annually offer to their researchers and where you will find a Unite! Career Guide for Young Researchers.

Young Researchers Training Programme and Tools:

Welcome to the Unite! Researcher Development Framework (RDF) , a comprehensive tool designed to guide researchers at every stage of their careers. Developed within the Unite! Alliance, the RDF offers a flexible framework, categorizing skill development into five key areas, from research skills to project management and community engagement. With a focus on research excellence, ethics, and inclusion, the RDF provides a clear and personalized journey to enhance both professional and personal growth for researchers. Explore our guide and illuminate your path in the dynamic and ever-evolving research landscape.

form, which uses Unite's RDF, is a valuable tool designed to facilitate your personalized growth plan Development Needs Analysis (DNA ) Pursuing a career in research requires a multifaceted set of skills, encompassing specific knowledge, critical thinking, communication and entrepreneurial spirit. These skills not only contribute to the successful completion of research, but are also crucial assets in a number of future endeavours. The 

Carrying out a DNA will enable you to identify, plan and achieve your development goals, ensuring a comprehensive and targeted approach to your growth as a researcher to recognize your strengths and areas for development.

It can be used by you to monitor your development and can be used as part of your re-enrolment review, and can be a personal record of progress.

When you have identified some gaps in your skills or an area or areas where skills can be improved, identify which courses, resources or events best meet your needs.